Is Management Consulting a Career?

Recruiters and careers advisors often talk about the consulting career, but I realised that actually most of those I knew heading into consulting had any intention at all of staying more than five years, let alone trying to become Partner. Prompted by a chat with William Johnson, MD of Openside Group, I ran a quickContinue reading “Is Management Consulting a Career?”

On becoming a unicorn: MBA vs. MSc IT?

Is the MBA over-priced and over subscribed? I’m getting a lot of questions about whether IT Masters (incl. software engineering / data science) are as good for a consulting career than traditional business/MBA routes. There is no doubt that outside the top 50 Universities in the world, the MBA no longer has the cachet thatContinue reading “On becoming a unicorn: MBA vs. MSc IT?”

Make your consultancy more innovative: put a kipper on your head

Perhaps the 1980s ‘quality’ obsession was the last time that a word was as popular in business as ‘innovation’ is today. For consultancies, innovation is seen as a strategy to fight against the slow erosion of margins prompted by procurement, competition, commodification and fickle yet increasingly experienced Since leading a 3-year project into innovation inContinue reading “Make your consultancy more innovative: put a kipper on your head”